I got angry and sold my samsung

I got angry and sold my samsung phone because it was eating much of my airtime and data. I bought a china phone and I am now in Big trouble.

1. The phone has TV, touch screen, nail cutter, lighter etc.

2. Text messages can only be written with a tooth pick.

3. It gets full after 3 minutes of charging.

4. When an aeroplane passes by, it records “one missed call”

5. When a Big truck blows horns it says “charger connected”

6. When it falls on the ground, it says “one msg sent”

7. When a Chinese man pass by me, it says “bluetooth connected”

8. When a cute girl pass by me, it says “Wifi on”

9. When an Ugly girl pass by me, it says “Virus detected”.

And even now You are laughing it is telling me Battery Full.

Pls i am selling it will You Buy?


Just for funny



There’s always a way.

*A man caught a thief at night in his kitchen . Just when the man was going to raise the alarm, the thief said: “Do you remember what I said in the Bible? I said “I will come like a thief in the night”. “I have come again. Blessed are you among men that you have stayed awake as I told you.”

Then the man looked at the thief, smiled and replied, “Sir, you have fallen into the hands of Pontius Pilate again!” I will nail you tonight!!! The thief fainted.* *

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