wonderfull defition 

1. SCHOOL : A place where
Parents pay and children play.
2. LIFE INSURANCE : A contract
that keeps you poor all your life
so that you can die Rich.
3. NURSE : A person who wakes
u up to give you sleeping pills.
4. MARRIAGE : It’s an agreement
in which a man loses his
bachelor degree and a woman
gains her masters..
5. TEAR : The hydraulic force by
which masculine willpower is
defeated by feminine
6. CONFERENCE : The confusion
of one man multiplied by the
number present.
7. FATHER : A banker provided by
8. CRIMINAL : A person no
different from the rest ….except
that he/she got caught.
9. BOSS : Someone who is early
when you are late and late when
you are early !!!!
10. POLITICIAN : One who
shakes your hand before
elections and your Confidence
11. DOCTOR : A person who
holds your ills by pills, and kills
you by bills.


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