Life Fact

Stop using past gauge

Stop using your past to gauge
whether or not
love is coming into your life.
Stop looking back if you are
really looking forward to having
someone special one day. When
you look back on
your past, you should be looking
back with a
mindset of learning from your
mistakes. You should be looking
back remembering that what
you have been through, will
always aid you
towards growing into a better
person. Stop feeling like you are
cursed or that you have bad
luck because you have been
through a few bad
situations with a few bad people.
All of us go through trials. All of
us have been through a
few things designed to break our
spirit, faith
and beliefs. However, life always
gives us the gift of redemption
and the gift of bouncing
back. You could be hurting today
and end up being happy
tomorrow. Don’t be so hard on
yourself. Learn to be more
proud, patient and
positive as great things start to
take place in
your life.


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