For the guys how to date abroke girl

For Guys; How To Date A
Broke Babe Without Having

The apprehension about dating
broke people is so real.
Men are becoming pickier when
it comes to financial capabilities
of potential partners. No guy
wants to be with a babe who
sees no problem in depending
totally on him.
While you should avoid this type
of women at all costs, you can’t
also refuse to be with every good
woman you come across
because she is broke.
It’s OK to get a woman who’ll
help reduce the financial load
that comes with being in a
relationship, or having a family.
At the same time, if you find
yourself a lady who makes you
happy, ticks the boxes for all or a
significant part of your
requirements, you can’t shut up
your heart to the amazing
possibilities because she’s broke.
If you love her and she has the
right mentality, if her potential
shines through and she has the
right work ethic to match it, my
guy, it won’t be long before
things click in gear for her.
following the tips below, you can
make things work:
There’ll be pitfalls in her journey
to greatness, fam, youhave to
hold her hand through some of
1. Be sensitive to her needs
You can’t close your eyes to your
girl’s needs in this kind of
relationship. Even if she does
not ask or if you can’t do
everything for her, just check
out the most pressing ones you
can handle and do them for her.
It’s best if she never has to ask
before you do these things. Keep
your eyes peeled and your ears
open because she might not ask
for your help, but you really
need to be sensitive.
2. Be kind with your words
Every guy owes his woman the
duty of being gentle and
respectful to her. But for you,
the duty is even more
You can’t have yourself saying
stuff to her that will make her
feel disrespected because you
are helping her with some of her
bills. No, man, you can’t do that.
Oh yes, a good woman would
understand that there are
moments of weakness when
you’d say stuff you don’t mean.
But it’s better to not even say
those things at all than to hope
she understands that your
hurtful, disrespectful words are
unconnected to the fact that you
are helping her in some way.
Support that girl’s dreams, fam.
3. Believe in her
You’ve got to believe in her if
you are going to take a chance
on building a life together with
If, instead of a trophy wife, you
need a supportive partner who’ll
really be involved in your life,
and with whom you intend to
build a beautiful, grand future,
then you must believe in her.
You must believe in her ability to
help you grow and to grow with
4. Support her dreams
You need to fire the embers of
her drive for success, you need
to cheer her on no matter the
amount of setbacks she faces in
her effort to better herself.
You need to be there to pick her
up each time she falls.
Come on, man. You need to
support your girl’s dream and
her push for greatness.
Am glad you like my post.


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