Ahusband was praying

A husband was praying 1 night..
“My God, 4 the past 1yr, I’v been
going to work
everyday for 8hrs & all my wife
does is sit at
home, doing NOTHING! I want
her to know that
making money is hard. Could U
please change our
bodies, so that she
can get a feeling of wat it takes
to be a man?”
Then God granted his wish.The
next morning, he
woke up as a woman.
So he(now she)
1. wakes up the children
2. Makes their beds
3. Gives them a bath and dresses
them ready for
4. Makes breakfast for d family
5. Fills the children’s lunch boxes
6. Fills the laundry machine
7. Drives kids to school
8. Stopped at the bank on his
way back
9. Drives to the supermarket for
grocery shopping.
10. Comes home, unpacks and
stores shopping
13. Cooks lunch
14. Takes a 20mins nap.
15. Gets clothes off the washer
to the dryer .
16. Vacuums, dusts, sweeps and
washes the floor
17. Drives back to school to pick
up kids 18.
Empties kids bag packs, changes
uniforms and serves them lunch.
19. Empties the dryer and do…
es some ironing
20. Makes dinner for family
21. Takes a shower
22. Husband comes back from
work after hanging
out with friends.
She kisses him, loosens his tie
and helps him
with his jacket.
23. Serves dinner, clears the
table and kitchen.
24. Fills the dishwasher
25. Helps kids with homework
26. Puts kids to bed, then she
goes to bed….
27. Gets up at 1am 2check on d
kids 28. Rises
@4am 2pray She’s expected to:
29. Wash her own car or drive it
to the car wash
30. Ensure the kids are always
looking neat and
31. No time 2 socialise or hang
out with friends
32. Look her best, with hair,
nails, makeup, etc in
The next morning, he got up &
with back to his
knees praying…
“My God,I don’t know what I was
thinking. Please
resume our original bodies
Then God replied
“My son, i’m afraid u have to
wait for another
12-15months. U got pregnant
last night. )) I
will have to restore things back
after u have put to
bed,nursed d
baby &seen your first
GOD Bless all the Hard Working
women, mothers,
ladies, sisters and girls!


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